Monday, April 4, 2016

Water Damage Restoration in Essex County NJ

Over the weekend, New Jersey residents were hit with heavy rain, wind, and hail. Though not the best beginning to spring, transitions between seasons do often bring heavy precipitation and unwanted reminders of winter. If you have experienced flooding in your area and are in need of water damage restoration in Essex County NJ, call Ace Cleaning today for expert service performed without delay.

For over 25 years, Ace Cleaning and Restoration has relieved homeowners and property managers of stress that comes from flooding and high water levels. Our equipment allows us to promptly remove water from your basement or home, eliminating odors and bacteria, and restoring your space to pre-flooded conditions. We are committed to your satisfaction and are available for 'round the clock emergency water damage restoration in Essex County NJ. When your home or business is affected by heavy rain or flooding, count on Ace Carpet and Restoration to bring you the results you're looking for.

Water damage can greatly impact the structural integrity of your home or office. Water can damage your walls, flooring, and carpet. More than that, retained moisture promotes mold growth - harmful spores that can cause respiratory problems if exposed to. And, of course, any water damage witnessed in the home will immediately cause high levels of stress and panic. We understand how important it is to reclaim your home following a flood, which is why we provide prompt water damage restoration in Essex County NJ to control damage and restore your home.

For the safety of your home and yourself, below we've provided some tips to follow while waiting for our experts to perform professional water damage restoration in Essex County NJ.

  • Unplug any and all electronics, and remove them from the flooded space. If possible, turn power off in the affected area.
  • Any affected glass, porcelain, or china should be submerged in disinfecting solution for at least 10 minutes, and then rinsed thoroughly to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria.
  • If accessible, remove all furniture, clothing, and other items from the flooded area and to a safe space to dry. If you have noticed flooding soon after it occurred, you can save many home items that have been exposed to water.
We work hard to remove water from your home without delay. When you call Ace Cleaning and Restoration, our specialists are sure to get all traces of water out of your home, prevent mold growth, and protect your belongings from long-term damage.

We can promptly reach all areas of Essex County New Jersey, including the following areas:


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