Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Water Damage Cleanup in New Jersey

Water is the source of life. It is how we remain healthy, fit, and able-bodied. Without water, it's easy to say that life would not exist here, or anywhere else. Even within the Earth, the vast majority of the planet's life exists under the deep oceans. But water is not always on our side. It may be that water has done the exact opposite, in fact, and caused massive damage to your property. In which case, we have something you need: water damage cleanup in New Jersey. We serve both the home and work sites, including offices, warehouses, and more. When water uproots itself as the giver of your life and becomes the cause of your distress, we can minimize the pain as much as possible.

Ace Cleaning & Restoration serves New Jersey residents and property owners with prompt and efficient water damage cleanup in NJ. Our water cleanup specialists remove all traces of water from your flooded space, preventing structural and property damage from occurring on your premises. Our experience and skills allows us to effectively restore flooded areas to their pre-damaged state. With our affordable rates and 24/7 water damage cleanup in New Jersey, you can rest assured that no matter when disaster strikes, we'll be there to clean it up.

We understand that floods are not on a given time table. Storms can quickly affect your quality of living and ability to reach places in your home. When water accumulates in your home or office, damages can increase, destroying electrical devices, important documents, and furniture in its wake. When you call us for professional water damage cleanup in NJ, we'll minimize the after-effects of a large storm, remove water and damaged areas, and restore your space to resume daily routine.

What Do We Do?

First, we remove the water of course. We must clean the area of any collected water before it sits and becomes a larger problem. Water can spill from anywhere, whether it's the weather or a burst pipe, leaking roof, or blown water heater. We assess the situation, perform expert water damage cleanup in New Jersey, and remove the water's sting.

Our services also include quality inspections that can get your location back up to speed. Once the water is gone, we can label you as open for business yet again. And this means you won't need to close up shop after flooding. Instead, you may not even remember the water was there.

Our affordable water damage cleanup in NJ is available to the following counties:

Call us now, no matter what time it is or what's going on outside. We deliver response times lower than 30 minutes when you need emergency water damage cleanup in New Jersey.

For more information about water damage cleanup in NJ, call Ace Cleaning & Restoration at (973) 835-7733.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mold Remediation in Morris County NJ

Mold can be a disaster within the home or commercial property. But it doesn't have to be. Our mold remediation in Morris County NJ provides the experts and proper equipment to deal with even the worst mold problems. Many of our customers have asked us if this procedure is important or only recommended. Mold is something that requires immediate attention. 

Ace Cleaning & Restoration have the skills to perform complete mold remediation in Morris County NJ. With over 25 years of experience, we know where to find lurking mold in your home, removing it from your home and eliminating health concerns. Our professional mold remediation experts work without delay to restore your quality of living, as well as your home's safety and value. We are dedicated to your safety and satisfaction, working carefully to ensure that once we perform mold remediation in your home, your mold problem will remain a thing of the past. We've provided a bit of information as to why our mold remediation service should be highly considered.

Mold is Dangerous to Your Health

Mold is a common problem anywhere there is an accumulation of dust, whether it be at your house or on the work site. But mold is also highly dangerous and linked to several serious diseases. Less serious symptoms of mold exposure include: nasal problems such as congestion, irritation of the eyes including redness and water, problems breathing including wheezing and coughing, sore throat, rashes, headaches, and sneezing. More serious problems related to mold include asthma and other respiratory problems. It stands to reason, then, that you should aim to get rid of the mold as soon as you can. Our professional mold remediation in Morris County NJ is available with 24/7 accessibility, and response times under 30 minutes in emergency situations.

How Does Mold Grow?

Mold spores exist almost everywhere. In order for the mold to grow, however, extreme moisture is needed. Other common factors that aid the spread of mold include high temperatures, stagnant air, and places that don't try quickly, such as roofing components or basements.

What Do We Do?

Our main order of business is the assessment of how bad the mold growth and potential damage is. If manageable, we will remove all mold in the area with a viscous cleaning regiment. In order for mold to go away forever, however, we also need to rid the area of any and all moisture. This is the largest stimuli for growing mold spores and the most critical to get rid of. Our mold remediation experts work promptly to eradicate mold's presence and ability to respawn.

We perform professional mold remediation in Morris County NJ in all communities, including:

For more information, or for emergency mold remediation in Morris County NJ, call Ace Cleaning & Restoration at (973) 328-3438.