Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Damage Cleanup in NJ

When your home, office or other location is damaged because of water, ACE Cleaning & Restoration provides water damage cleanup in NJ to convert your environment back to its original, damage-free state. ACE Cleaning & Restoration has been providing customers with water damage cleanup in NJ for more than 25 years. Our highly trained water damage cleanup staff at ACE Cleaning & Restoration services both homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Morris County and Essex County, NJ. We work fast to restore your water damaged property by removing the source of the problem — the water. Our water damage cleanup crew in NJ promises to safely remove any health hazards the water damage has caused your home or office.

At ACE Cleaning & Restoration, our professionals provide 24/7 emergency services for water damage cleanup in NJ. Water damage should be dealt with immediately within 48 hours of the water damage to ensure your property returns back to its previous condition. If you do not act quickly, the water damage done to your property is guaranteed to cause further damage to your building’s structure and remaining belongings surrounded or engulfed by the water.

Upon inspecting your home for water damage cleanup in NJ, our trustworthy team of water damage cleanup experts will determine the level of water damage and perform water extraction. Assessment of any harmful molds and bacteria will be performed and disinfected if found.

When you contact our professional water damage cleanup crew, we promise a 30 minute emergency response from the time that the call is placed. For more information about our services for water damage cleanup in NJ, contact ACE Cleaning & Restoration at 973-835-7733 today.

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